December 7, 2016
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Enjoy Hair-free Skin

You have been tanning since early spring in preparation for many summer days spent lounging on the beach. A friend tells you about a top notch clinic in the area that offers laser hair removal services. You’re intrigued as you picture never having to shave your legs again. But then you wonder if laser treatment will work properly or cause unsightly marking on your darker skin. Well, this particular clinic actually specializes in laser hair removal for dark skin. You’re in luck! You can have a fabulous tan and hair-free legs for the entire summer and beyond. While it’s great that you can remove hair from your tanned legs, the laser hair removal treatments offered at this particular clinic aren’t only for white skin that’s been tanned. In fact, it’s designed to remove hair on all skin types, ranging from olive colored skin clean on through the darkest blackest skin. Everyone should be able to delight in the joy of having hair-free skin, so this clinic made finding a treatment that would do just that a priority. You may think that laser hair removal treatments are only intended for the rich and famous, but you’re wrong. This clinic offers this service at an affordable price to all who enter their door. It’s a pain-free way to remove unwanted hair from many different areas of your body, and it’s a fantastic option for everyone. While you’re in for laser hair removal, consider taking a look at the many other great services […]
November 16, 2016
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Pain Free Laser Treatment

Pain free Soprano ice laser is used to permanently remove facial hair. This is a service that many people look for because they are tired of constantly shaving, plucking, and waxing. Imagine never having to worry about unwanted hair again. The ice laser can be used on the face, bikini line, back, or anywhere else that it is wanted. The method is safe and there is no down time. If removing hair permanently is something that you have always thought about, call and schedule a consultation with a specialist to see if Soprano ice laser treatments are for you. The pain free Soprano ice laser is a hair removal method that does not require any preparation before or downtime after. The laser works by targeting the hair follicle under the skin so that the surrounding skin is left untouched and unharmed. The skin on the surface stays cool to the touch. This method is particularly popular because it is comfortable and effectively treats a large area at one time. This could be the solution to unwanted hair that you have been searching for. Call today for a consultation to see if Soprano ice laser is right for you. Many different people, both men and women, can benefit from the pain free Soprano ice laser hair removal treatment method. This type of treatment will work for most skin and hair types whether they be light or dark. During your initial consultation with a specialist, you’ll be asked many questions. You’ll also […]
April 8, 2016
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Getting Rid of Unwanted Hair

Professionals at the laser hair removal clinic in London are the experts to seek when you are looking to get rid of hair permanently. Permanent hair removal requires a skilled and experienced hand. This is a procedure that should only be done by qualified personnel. Never seek laser hair removal from someone that has not been trained to use lasers. When performed by the right person, laser hair removal is effective and works on both men and women. Anyone can get a consultation to see if they are good candidates for laser hair removal. During the consultation, the specialist will talk to you about your health history and your expectations from the laser procedure. In addition, they will examine the area and will let you know if your situation could benefit from laser hair removal. The specialist will recommend a program for your specific circumstances. The procedure can be effective in many areas of the body, like the face, bikini line, back, and under arms. Many times, the procedure may take more than one session to get all of the hair follicles. The process of laser hair removal involves targeting the hair follicle. It is gentle on the skin compared to shaving which strips away the skins natural oils and could leave razor bumps behind. The laser hair removal clinic in London will discuss the pros and cons of the procedure versus daily shaving. The specialist will instruct the client on what they can expect from the laser procedure. They […]
January 30, 2016
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Skin peel myths debunked

Our skin is the largest body organ covering our entire body so caring for it is a must. Indeed when it comes to the skin which covers our face, it becomes even more imperative to know the various ways to keep our skin fresh and healthy looking at all times. After all, no one wants a dull and dead skin on the face. One of the ways which has become very popular in modern times, when it comes to skin rejuvenation is the skin lightening peel such as Cosmelan, Melano Peel, Glycolic acid Peel. They are rapidly becoming one of the most preferred cosmetic procedures that patients opt for. These peels are capable of giving the skin a healthy, “just refreshed” look, or can be aggressive, in taking years off of one’s appearance. Since the procedure is relatively new in the skincare treatment market, there are inevitably a lot of myths associated with the procedure. Here are some of the myths associated with the skin peel process that are debunked: They are painful Many people think that there is a lot of discomfort associated with the process of skin peel, but this is not actually true. It is true that some skin peels might sting the skin a bit during the process itself but this does not last beyond the actual peeling process. Most peels cause very low level of discomfort and usually one does not even feel the process on the skin Looks superficial This could not be further […]