November 10, 2015
Pain Free Laser Treatment

Find Comprehensive Skin and Hair Treatments

Individuals looking to enhance their appearance through non-invasive techniques have been turning to spas and clinics that offer the latest in skin and beauty methods through the use of the latest technology. Instead of enduring painful waxing sessions or chemical peels that had a risk of damaging the skin there are now lasers and organic products available that accomplish even better results without the negative side effects. Skin and hair go together due to their proximity to one another and the makeup of the body’s processes so when you want one treated it may be necessary to look at both for treatment purposes. For example, getting rid of unwanted hair requires the use of laser hair removal techniques from the top professionals in London but you may want to consider fat pocket reductions and skin enhancements at the same time. When you consider having multiple actions performed at the same location it is possible to purchase a package that is cost effective for the budget and includes everything you are looking for. The initial consultation is the best time to ask these types of questions and to hear the recommendations from the technician as to technique and treatment plans. Skin type, medical conditions, health, medications and schedule are just some of the factors that are considered during this meeting to ensure that every action is safe and effective for your body. The majority of treatments are spread across several weeks or months for maximum results especially for laser hair removal […]
October 13, 2015
Pain Free Laser Treatment

Getting Rid of Unwanted Skin

There are some things on the body that are not harmful and may not even be seen by others but their mere presence affects your self-esteem and you want them removed as soon as possible. Hair in unusual places, fat deposits and skin tags all fall under this category and can be easily handled by the experienced medical professionals employed at health spas and beauty clinics. You don’t have to worry about your age, gender or skin type because the technicians will evaluate everything during your initial consultation and determine the best method of removal. Skin tags are basically extra growths on the skin that have no feeling and do not usually affect the areas where they are located. They can vary in size and shape and can be found in just about any part of the body marring the smooth and perfect skin that you would prefer. They cannot be removed at home and should only be handled by medical professionals that know the techniques and methods for getting rid of these issues. You can take advantage of spas and clinics that offer this removal as one of their services and even have it combined with other procedures while you are working to look younger and healthier in your own skin. During the first appointment you should let the technician know about everything you want changed and what your objectives are and then they will recommend a treatment plan that is both safe and effective. In some cases, you […]
August 6, 2015
Pain Free Laser Treatment

Skin Tag Removal Can Be Quick And Painless

A number of people will find at least one skin tag at some point in their life. Most of the time these tags are just a minor cosmetic annoyance and nothing to worry about but if you are unsure it is always better to have it checked by a Skincare specialist. If it is truly a harmless skin tag there are a number of ways to remove them. It is up to the individual which removal method they feel will work best for them. Many people turn to the internet when they want to find out information about a particular subject. There are a number of websites that give people advice on a number of subjects, but it is up to the person to verify the website’s credibility and whether or not they feel the information can be trusted. Just because a person finds information on the subject they are looking for doesn’t mean it is correct or accurate. Some people feel comfortable trying to do their own skin tag removal at home. There are a number of over the counter products that can be used to remove a skin tag and some people feel that certain products work better than others. There are people that prefer to try and tie off the skin tag and let it fall of on its own, while others prefer to numb the area and cut it off. If a person is going to try and remove the tag at home they just need […]
July 24, 2015
Pain Free Laser Treatment

Can sun damage to the skin be reversed?

Table of Contents What does the sun do to the skin?Are there any treatments available to me? If you have been a sun worshipper it is more than likely that the ageing effects of the sun will catch up with you one day, and it is sadly the case that by the time your skin gives a visible warning the damage has been done. What does the sun do to the skin? While many of us invite the sun to give us a ‘healthy tan’ to help us look young and fit, it really is the most ageing thing we could do. The healthiest thing to do is to block out the damaging UVA and UVB strains of the sun. UVB rays are absorbed by the epidermis (top layer), resulting in a tan or sunburn. The UVA rays penetrate more deeply into the skin and damage the dermis (the middle layer) and its elastic tissues. Skin begins to sag and doesn’t have the capacity to spring back to its former position after stretching. The result? Wrinkles, lines, droopy skin, age spots and irregular pigmentation. Are there any treatments available to me? Although we are not able to transport you back in time to press some factor 5 0 on your 16-year-old self, at Timeless Skincare we have a range of effective treatments that can help reverse the sun’s actions. During a consultation with one of our expert practitioners your skin will be assessed and the best combination of treatments advised. […]

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