The Original Green Peel in London: Herbal Skin Peel for Face & Body


For beautiful and subtle skin rejuvenation, Green Peel herbal skin peeling is a safe and effective treatment. Unlike chemical skin peels, this is an all-natural combination of herbs that work together to produce a light peeling of the skin.

Since it was first developed over fifty years ago by Dr Schrammek, the Green Peel herbal skin peeling treatment has proved an effective skin rejuvenation treatment, guaranteeing clean and clear skin.

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A Herbal Green Peel treatment is suitable for most patients; the herbs are proven to have no toxic side effects, meaning this is a very safe procedure. If necessary, it can be repeated after a period of a few weeks.

The Herbal Green Peel treatment can tackle a wide range of skin concerns on the face and body. This ranges from signs of ageing on the face such as loss of elasticity and wrinkles, acne and acne scarring, poor skin tone or oily skin and common body issues including cellulite and stretch marks.

During your initial consultation at our central London clinic we will discuss your aims and analyse your skin condition. The Herbal Green Peel herbal treatment can be modified to address specific skin concerns.

The Herbal Green Peel mixture is applied to the skin using a special massage. The micro-particles in the herbs polish the upper layer of the skin and active ingredients increase blood circulation in the treatment area. It is this increased circulation that causes the dead skin cells to be removed. Other active ingredients are working hard, releasing vitamins, plant hormones, enzymes and other valuable substances in to the skin meaning it is supported and encouraged in its natural function.

Immediately post-treatment your skin will appear slightly red and some Timeless Skin patients report a mild burning sensation similar to light sunburn. Three or four days later the top layer of skin will gently peel away and you will then return to our central London clinic for a follow-up appointment where your practitioner will remove the remaining dead skin cells, before treating the new skin to a massage using rich active ingredients.

  • Sagging facial tissues
  • Fine to moderate lines and wrinkles
  • Acne scarring
  • Stretch marks
  • Enlarged pores and poor skin tone