Skin Pigmentation Treatment


We all want brighter, clearer skin, particularly as the visible signs of environmental damage and the ageing process begin to mar our complexions. At our central London clinic we’ve had many years’ experience in providing skin pigmentation treatments that are able to safely and effectively deliver the results our patients demand.

Am I suitable for a Skin Pigmentation Treatment?

The treatments we offer for skin pigmentation are generally suitable for all patients although we always carry out a thorough consultation to ensure there are no contraindications or reasons why you shouldn’t go ahead with treatment. Most procedures are not recommended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

We have much experience in treating darker skin types and all these treatments are safe for these patients.

Skin Pigmentation TreatmentSkin Pigmentation Treatment

What does a Skin Pigmentation Treatment entail?

WE DO NOT OFFER FULL BODY SKIN PIGMENTATION. WE ONLY TREAT FACE DISCOLORATION, SUN DAMAGE, AGE SPOT, SUN SPOT, MELASMA. During your initial consultation for skin pigmentation at our central London clinic, your practitioner will listen carefully to your skin concerns and then be able to recommend a skin pigmentation programme that may combine a number of different procedures to achieve the results you’re hoping for.

Skin pigmentation treatments we offer:

Cosmelan £850 including home care products: this two-stage treatment treat many types of hyperpigmentation, by slowing down the production of melanin that gives skin its colour. It achieves this by inhibiting tyrosinase, an enzyme that is essential for melanin synthesis.

The first stage of your treatment will take place in-clinic. Your practitioner applies the Cosmelan mask, which is to be left on for a period of eight to twelve hours depending on your skin type and particular skin concern. You can go home with the mask on and it can be removed using just water and a normal cleanser.

After the mask has been removed you move to stage two of the treatment. The at-home use Cosmelan cream is to be applied three times a day in the first week, then twice a day in the second week and finally just once a day for the third week.

Avoiding the use of hydroquinone, this treatment is very safe and there are minimal side effects or downtime. There may be a slight redness and flaking but even by the third or fourth day our London skin pigmentation patients report their skin appears more luminous and dark spots are starting to fade. Visible lightening of brown spots and skin discolouration are noticeable in just ten days.

MandeliClear from Circadia Skin fr£90 PER SESSION: this is a more targeted peel than some of our more gentle, all-round peels, but recovery is still very quick with minimal downtime. MandeliClear Peel tackles age or sun spots, areas of pigmentation on any parts of the body.

First, your skin is cleansed and then the peeling solution is applied over the face but particularly on areas of skin discolouration. You will return home still wearing the mask and it is recommended you keep it on the skin for approximately 12 hours. It can be removed with your normal cleanser. You will also be supplied with at-home products with advice on how to use them.

You will have a slight redness to the skin after treatment, similar to a light sunburn, but generally recovery is very quick after a MandeliClear Peel and it suitable for all skin types. Your practitioner will give you advice on how to care for your skin after the and you should definitely avoid sun exposure both to protect the new skin and also to avoid stimulating melanin production. A course of 3 is recommended for the best result at monthly intervals.

Melanostop Peel: this is maintenance or pre-peel prior to Cosmelan treatment which has been specially formulated to lighten skin and reverse pigmentation. It has three main ingredients – azelaic acid, resorcinol and phytic acid. We do not offer Melanostop as a main skin pigmentation or depigmentation treatment.

Mesotherapy: for our London skin pigmentation patients we recommend combining other treatment with mesotherapy. This highly effective and safe procedure has been delivering a wide range of aesthetic benefits since its introduction in France in the 1950s.

Mesotherapy delivers a cocktail of essential and valuable vitamins, minerals and other ingredients deep into the dermis where it can nourish and benefit the skin. The combination can be tailored depending on your skin concern and to achieve a bright and clear complexion we can include lightening agents such as the powerful anti-oxidant glutathione, vitamin C, kojic acid, arbutin, azelaic acid, peptide in the cocktail.

Most patients can benefit from mesotherapy as long as they are fit and well. You will be advised on the possible number of sessions you will require at your consultation but most patient report visible improvement in their complexion after just a few sessions.

What are the benefits of a Skin Pigmentation Treatment?

  • A bright, clear skin complexion
  • Tackles melasma, also known as the ‘mask of pregnancy’
  • Improves the appearance of sun damage in the form of brown spots or skin discolouration
  • Treats and prevents hyperpigmentation, including post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation
  • Other signs of the ageing process, such as fine lines and wrinkles, can be targeted
  • Most of the skin pigmentation treatments we offer are safe to use on all skin types, all year round

What does a Skin Pigmentation Treatment cost?

The costs of your skin pigmentation treatment varies depending on which procedures and the amount of sessions that have been recommended. This will be discussed in full at your free consultation.


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