, MesoEYE – Mesotherapy Treatment London
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December 7, 2016
, MesoEYE – Mesotherapy Treatment London
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November 30, 2017

As we age so do our bodies, and our skin in particular can start to show those little signs of age that we might prefer not to see. Many people develop bags and dark circles under the eye area, this, unfortunately, can have the effect of making you look much older than you are, and can lead to your self-esteem taking a bit of a dive. There are however treatments available that can significantly improve the appearance of the under-eye area giving your eyes a much-needed bit of help by reducing the bags and giving a much more youthful appearance, which can really boost your confidence.

One such treatment, is the MesoEYE treatment and the good news is it safe, effective and not too painful. This is a relatively new treatment on the beauty market so you will find that it is not currently available everywhere at this moment in time; Timeless Skincare & Laser are proud to confirm that this is a new treatment that will be joining the list of procedure that we offer.

How Does It Work?
The procedure involves tiny micro injections which are administered by an experienced therapist to the area around the eye. The ingredients that are in the injected solution, light molecule hyaluronic acid and other cosmetic ingredients, diffuse into the fat cells and help to break them down. The procedure used a non-cross-linked technique which helps with both skin tightening and circulation in the treated area. Because the treatment is non-cross linked, there are none of the issues that can be a problem with more traditional dermal fillers, such as bumps. In fact, bumps are never created when this procedure is used, which gives you a much better result.

How Long Does Treatment Take?
The MesoEYE procedure requires a client to undergo a course of three treatments, these should be carried out at 2-week intervals. Whilst this might seem like quite a long time to wait from start to finish of the treatment, you should be able to see some improvements to the area after the first course of injections.

At Timeless Skincare & Laser we are currently offering the full course of three treatments for £240. If you would like to discuss this treatment with us then why not get in touch for a consultation and see how we can help you.


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